Film award design


This is a design created a few years ago for a small film festival. Every year I update the year for this client before they have their annual award ceremony.

Re-creation of a design


For this project the client only had a scan of a badge for me to work from. He needed to have a digital file created with a few changes. I enjoy projects like this where I can get as close as I can to the original piece.

5oth Invitation Design


I created this design for a 5oth birthday party. This client is a civil war reenactor so I gave this design a feel of an old photographic.  I used an image of him as a child and gave it a tintype photographic look.

Logo Design


This is a logo I designed for a local gift shop. They wanted to incorporate a local landmark, The Washington Monument, with the idea of buying gifts. So I drew an image of the monument with a gift bow. I used a monochromatic color scheme so it can easily be reproduced on various printed materials.