The Eiffel Tower

paris IMG_7356

I have always wanted to visited the Eiffel Tower. I have only seen it in movies, on TV or in printed material. I had such a romantic image in my head of this iconic spot in Paris. I was surprised and a little disappointed at first when I finally got to see this for myself. I was naive to expect this to be a romantic dreamy experience which would be secluded from the busy city. The area was noisy, full of tourists and street vendors and the tower was surrounded by walls of what I guess would be bullet proof glass. But the longer I looked and let reality sink in I found a beauty in the commotion around this tower.  The area was filled with so many different people; some in awe as they viewed this for the first time, some not even noticing the tower as I would assume they pass this every day as they are walking to work, and some busy trying to make a living by selling mementos of this site. I chose to capture my memory in a black and white photo which gives it a timeless classic look and adds a bit of the romantic feeling I was so looking forward to finding.